Jesus won’t leave you. You’ll be fine.

If people leave you… Jesus won’t. Let them go. You’ll be fine.


God would be unjust to punish you for sins already punished on Christ’s body. Believe the truth. It will set you free.


Jesus said that A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G is possible for you. On what condition? On the condition of faith. Believe. Only believe.


People who know your past lose their power over you when you know Who holds your future!


Change your thinking by believing that your God-given destiny will never be realized through your natural abilities [Rom. 12:2-3] that are so limited… but through your supernatural abilities [Rom. 12:6-7] that have no limitation. God’s not teasing us. This is not a false hope. This is true. You can believe it!


They received p-o-w-e-r… to be… w-i-t-n-e-s-s-e-s… when the Holy Spirit came on them. [Acts 1:8] There’s no other Biblical model: demonstration ALWAYS accompanies declaration.

The gifts of the Spirit are not optional, but are required to prove the truth of the Gospel to an unbelieving world. Islam? What is it compared to the Church of Jesus Christ … now ready to be revealed in all of her glory? [Rev. 21]

It’s time for every Spirit-filled believer… and every Spirit-filled church… to stand up and SHINE [Is. 60:1-3] … manifesting the power and glory of God… by ‘fanning into flame’… the ‘gift of God’… with all of its unlimited potential… that lies so neglected … and yet so patiently waiting …within. [2 Tim. 1:6]


Christ, who is your righteousness, sits enthroned at the right hand of God… protecting you from all guilt, shame, accusation and condemnation. The day that somebody can pull Jesus off of his throne is the same day that you can be condemned. And that’s just not going to happen!


Christ bought you a freedom that you’ll enjoy only to the degree that you’re full of the Spirit of God.


Standing united in faith and prayer. There’s nothing else like it!

– Bob

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