You can’t sin away the gift of God…

You can’t sin away the gift of God. That’s why it’s called… ‘a gift’.


To the degree that we believers engage with Christ… who lives inside… to that degree… we will impact our world for good.


When you wake up on the morning of Nov. 9th… and find out that ‘that’ candidate …the one that you can’t stand… has actually been voted into office… then remember that E-V-E-R-Y P-R-O-M-I-S-E that God has ever made to you … is still true.

Your life isn’t getting darker. No. It’s only getting brighter. And brighter. And brighter. [Pro. 4:18] And Hillary… OR Donald… can’t change that!


Speak in tongues. Sing in the Spirit. Then speak in tongues some more. Then sing in the Spirit some more. There’s power in that tongue! Speaking in tongues builds up your faith. And faith… overcomes the world!


“Enjoy the day Jesus bought you!” – Mona


Jesus qualified us for every blessing that we don’t deserve. Believe it. Receive it. By God’s help… determine to make the most of it!


When God gave us his Son… he gave us everything. There’s nothing more to give. Our part is to ‘fan into flame’… the gift of the Holy Spirit that lies within. [2 Tim. 1:6]


When you sin… you don’t…. by that sin… jump OUT OF the kingdom of light… INTO the kingdom of darkness… until you confess your sin adequately … and repent of it fully… and then by doing so… jump back OUT OF the kingdom of darkness… and back INTO the kingdom of light. No.

“If we walk in the Light… the blood of Jesus purifies us from all sin.” [1 Jn. 1:7] Who does his blood purify from all sin? People who sin …who are walking in the light.

We are qualified to walk in the ‘kingdom of light’ not by our good behavior… but by the Father. [Col. 1:12-14]

If we sin in the light… then we’re purified in the light… so that we can stay in the light. THAT’S… what the blood of Jesus has bought us!

Our ‘jumping days’ …are over!!


Upset? News got you down? Then try thinking about THESE things: Whatever is true… noble… right… pure… lovely… admirable… excellent or praiseworthy. [Phil. 4:8]

“But, Bob! Nothing fits that bill as well as Jesus does!”



Full of the news? No peace. Full of Jesus? Peace. Be filled with the Spirit… not the news.


God’s promises to you are greater than the United States… the Constitution… the Founding Fathers… the political system… the national economy… or the present state and condition of our society.

The promises of God are your firm foundation… your security… your protection… and your peace. Jesus bought you the right to believe in them for yourself… whatever your shortcomings might be.

In troubled times like these… my advice is this: hold onto the promises of God. They are eternal… and they will never let you down.


You’ll overcome… by the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony. [Rev. 12:11] Be convinced of Christ’s sacrifice for you… and talk about it wherever you go… and life’s challenges will never overcome you. Even to the death… you… will… overcome!

Jesus won’t leave you. You’ll be fine.

If people leave you… Jesus won’t. Let them go. You’ll be fine.


God would be unjust to punish you for sins already punished on Christ’s body. Believe the truth. It will set you free.


Jesus said that A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G is possible for you. On what condition? On the condition of faith. Believe. Only believe.


People who know your past lose their power over you when you know Who holds your future!


Change your thinking by believing that your God-given destiny will never be realized through your natural abilities [Rom. 12:2-3] that are so limited… but through your supernatural abilities [Rom. 12:6-7] that have no limitation. God’s not teasing us. This is not a false hope. This is true. You can believe it!


They received p-o-w-e-r… to be… w-i-t-n-e-s-s-e-s… when the Holy Spirit came on them. [Acts 1:8] There’s no other Biblical model: demonstration ALWAYS accompanies declaration.

The gifts of the Spirit are not optional, but are required to prove the truth of the Gospel to an unbelieving world. Islam? What is it compared to the Church of Jesus Christ … now ready to be revealed in all of her glory? [Rev. 21]

It’s time for every Spirit-filled believer… and every Spirit-filled church… to stand up and SHINE [Is. 60:1-3] … manifesting the power and glory of God… by ‘fanning into flame’… the ‘gift of God’… with all of its unlimited potential… that lies so neglected … and yet so patiently waiting …within. [2 Tim. 1:6]


Christ, who is your righteousness, sits enthroned at the right hand of God… protecting you from all guilt, shame, accusation and condemnation. The day that somebody can pull Jesus off of his throne is the same day that you can be condemned. And that’s just not going to happen!


Christ bought you a freedom that you’ll enjoy only to the degree that you’re full of the Spirit of God.


Standing united in faith and prayer. There’s nothing else like it!

– Bob

You’ll be fine.

If people leave you… Jesus won’t. Let them go. You’ll be fine.

Stand united.

Standing united in faith and prayer. There’s nothing else like it!


After 2,000 years… trouble will come on the earth like ‘labor pains’ according to Jesus. It may have taken forever to get here… but now that they’ve start… there’s only one dynamic going forward: acceleration.

BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS: Same with the Church!

Habakkuk said: ‘wait till the end of time… it will seem like it’s slow getting there… but once it comes… (and it will)… it will be accomplished … QUICKLY!’

It has started, folks!

Though we’ve been waiting for what seems like forever… ‘labor’ has begun! And what will be the outcome? The fulfillment of ALL of God promises to the church. And… quickly! From here on out… it’s all about… a-c-c-e-l-e-r-a-t-i-o-n!!

Want to see the Gospel preached throughout the world accompanied by mighty signs and wonders? Want to see the sons and daughters of God being manifest in all of their glory? Want to see all of our enemies put under our feet before Jesus comes back again?

Here’s my advice: Don’t … even… blink! You just… might …miss it!

What can they do?

If somebody’s against you, but God is for you… then what can they do?

Is Donald J. Trump truly born again?

Has Donald Trump truly been ‘born again’? Or… was he simply play-acting in order to get more votes?

Mona was saved by reading a short, one-line prayer that she didn’t understand… at all. She gave God an inch… and he took a mile!

I accepted Jesus with selfish motives and was still embraced by God in spite of my ignorance.

Was Donald truly born-again?

I don’t know what was in his heart. But I DO know:.. what’s in God’s! And THAT…. gives me GREAT hope… for… us… ALL!!

Is the philosophy of ‘Borderless Globilization’ a good thing?

Is the philosophy of ‘Borderless Globilization’ a good thing?


“From one man God made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and … HE… marked out their APPOINTED TIMES in history and the BOUNDARIES of their lands.” [Acts 17:26]


God is the author and creator of the concept of nations… with… boundaries.


I enjoy reading history. And it seems to me that the closer the authority is to its influence on the common people … the more likely it is to make decisions with their interests and freedom in mind. The more distant the center of authority… the less it understands or cares about those it governs over.


That’s why a federal government MUST delegate its power to not only states… but to town councils… as well as neighborhood committees.


But a one-world order that is governed by a central committee? A global leadership over a world without borders? God help us!


There’s a very clear principle in the Bible: The more layers of government… the more the working people are oppressed and the more corruption the government undergoes:


“If you see some poor man being oppressed by the rich, with miscarriage of justice anywhere throughout the land, don’t be surprised! For every official is under orders from higher up, and the higher officials look up to their superiors. And so the matter is lost in red tape and bureaucracy. And over them all is the king. Oh, for a king who is devoted to his country! Only he can bring order from this chaos.” [Ecc. 4:8-9 – TLB]


A centralized seat of power with extensive reach into the affairs of local communities is a sure recipe for disaster… oppression … and corruption.


And that’s why … at the Tower of Babel… God, in his great love… would not allow it! Babylon was seeking to become ONE united mankind… with ONE name… and ONE language… and governed from ONE seat of authority. God knew! It would have been the sure destruction of mankind.


So he dispersed the people into diverse people groups and languages and cultures… and gave them… BOUNDARIES… by which they could defend themselves from over-reaching power in foreign places.


So… I want to congratulate the British people for re-claiming their own sovereign independence… for re-defining their own borders… and re-possessing their own right to self-determination!


And I want to pray at the same time …for the United States of America. Please pray with me:


“God… bless… America!”


Faith grows.

Faith allows you to go anywhere you want within the grace of God… which was purchased for you once-for-all through Christ Jesus. Greater faith = greater mobility. Grow… in …faith.

Your sin can’t condemn you… because that very same sin… has once already …condemned Jesus … who took your punishment for you… on the Cross. It can’t curse you… because it already cursed Jesus on the Cross. It can’t follow you and mess up God’s plan for your future… because the very moment that Jesus died for your sin… through him… you did, too! Your sin’s been eliminated. Erased. Killed. Forever. No more looking over your shoulder to see if it’s still there. No. It’s gone. IT… IS… F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D!

What fills you? Terrorism? Political anger? “Be filled with the Spirit… speaking to yourselves in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs… making… M-E-L-O-D-Y… in … your… heart… to the Lord!” [Eph. 5:18-19] Flush out those deadly toxins by singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord! It’s time for a spiritual ‘cleanse’!

There are no limits to the depths and riches of love we can explore in Christ.

Focus on the world and you become weak like it is. Focus on Christ and you become strong like he is. Focus on Christ… and you’ll overcome the world.

Our relationship with Christ is like a plant: When cultivated it bears more fruit. When ignored it bears less.

Whoever’s elected for President this November… the Promises of Christ remain faithful and true… and so does the quality of life that they provide for everybody who trusts in them.

Jesus bought you unlimited opportunity.

Jesus bought you unlimited opportunity. Only faith can explore the far reaches of its potential. And the wise… will make… the most… of it!

Not one bit of ‘breaking news’ has caught Jesus by surprise. Nothing shocks him. He saw it all before the world began… and he’s ready for it. No sloppy God-work here! No false moves. No poor timing. Our future’s been secured… and our outcome’s been set-in-stone a long, long time ago: Darkness loses. JESUS… WINS!

Knowing Christ doesn’t depend on my godly life-style. My godly life-style depends on how well I know Christ. Don’t wait to be godly to know him better. He’s opened the way for character-deficient people to know him when they aren’t being as godly as they ought to be. Then… the better you know him… the more godly your character becomes.

Don’t let world news take over your heart. Protect it. It belongs to Jesus.

The Word: Jesus talking to you. Prayer:You talking to Jesus. These aren’t bargaining tools. They don’t earn points with God. They’re communicating …with Christ… who’s already here. Why not talk?