Welcome to Crossover

Through hearing and believing the message of the Cross we ‘CROSS-OVER’ from death to life, from sin to righteousness, from sickness to health and from poverty to riches in every way! Jesus did it once-for-all and now we’re receiving it daily! Welcome to CROSSOVER where we revel in the Good News of Christ’s Finished Work on our behalf!


Hi there – I’m Bob, the Pastor here at CROSSOVER.

If you’re considering visiting Crossover, you might be initially ‘taken back’… and then pleasantly surprised that this Good News Gospel REALLY IS SUCH GOOD NEWS!! You might initially think, “This is too good to be true!”, but then wake up to the shocking realization, ‘It IS true! And it’s even BETTER than I thought!’ You can expect to hear a message that sets you free from condemnation, guilt, regret, self-effort and old, religious requirements that have weighed you down. Through the Gospel you will be awakened to Christ’s gift of righteousness, to the joy and freedom that comes when you know you are loved and blessed apart from your works, because of HIS FINISHED WORK on your behalf!

We’d love to have you visit our service this weekend – see you there!

Bob Clark